You are alcohol dependent if you have these 10 signs



1. Can’t stop drinking when you start.

Once you start drinking it’s all downhill for you because you are unable to control your drinking and this usually ends up with you blacking out and not remembering exactly what happened or transpired.

2. Repeatedly neglecting your duties to go drink.

If in more than one instance you have abdicated your everyday duties such as going to work, classes, appointments then you probably have a drinking problem. Alcoholism brings with it an inability to prioritize and do important things first; instead whenever you get a chance alcohol is all you think about.

3. Drinking alcohol in situations where it is dangerous.

When you drink in places or situations which you are not supposed to drink such as when driving, operating heavy machinery or when taking prescription drugs. This means that you have lost sense of judgment and can no longer determine what is right or wrong as long as alcohol comes first.

4. Getting into trouble on account of your drinking.

Whenever you drink you seem to get into problems and situations which you wouldn’t normally be caught up in if you were sober. Such situations may include bring arrested for being drunk and disorderly, getting into fights, abusing people et cetera.

5. Drinking to relax.

If you can no longer relax without alcohol and become moody when you don’t drink then you most probably have an alcohol problem and it will prevent you from having meaningful relationships with people since you can’t socialize when sober.

6. You get withdrawal signs when you don’t drink.

Whenever you don’t drink you get withdrawal symptoms which include but not limited to:

  • Anxiety or jumpiness
  • Shakiness or trembling
  • Sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache

Therefore you are unable to relax or cool off without drinking.

7. You have tried stopping but can’t.

You have genuinely tried putting efforts in place for you to stop drinking but you have been unable to quit the habit for any meaningful length of time. You have the will power but simply can’t kick the habit.

8. You spend too much money drinking.

Whatever source of income you have a considerable amount of it is spent to fund your drinking habits. If your drinking budget is more than what you spend on food then you have a serious drinking problem.

9. Friends and relatives complain about your drinking.

Friends and relatives are usually the first people to spot our drinking problems. If a close relative points out your drinking problem then you should probably get help since they care about you and only want the best for you.

10. You spend too much time thinking and planning about drinking.

You spend a lot of your time thinking about drinking when you are sober. Alcoholism is a mental thing which eats you up until you have another drink and in a continuous state of alcoholic limbo.




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