XYZ Top 5 Characters Keep Kenya’s Politicians On Their Toes


Ten years in play and this show still  cracks everybody up. Voted the Best Television Series in Africa at African Magic Viewers Choice Awards in Nigeria, the characters involved continue to pull off even more humorous dramatics.

Voice mimicry is undisputably one of the funniest acts when comedy shows are front-lined. However, the following five voice characters on the show deserve thumps up.

1. ‘Keff Joinambe’
If you’ve ever watched with Jeff Koinange, the host of JKLIVE show now on Citizen TV, then you know just how accurate this voice is. The guy has that deep manly voice that is memorable and oh so distinct. The actor/impersonator on XYZ show gets it spot-on. Voice played by Nick Odhiambo, presenter- Radio Africa.


2. ‘Rutto’
This is the Deputy President William Ruto and for some reasons the funniest character on the show. From the start, the show lacked his presence as he had not gained much political mileage. His presence was seen greatly on the show from season 10 in 2013. For the public, this voice remains the easiest to imitate with the most repetitive phrase, ‘wale watu wa vitendawili.’


3. ‘Trump’
USA president just stepped in the office this January and voice impersonators cum comedians are already glued on his tail. The voice is well toned and accurately denoted making imitation a simpler job. The script is definitely updated with a focus being on the current issues affecting the US and its partners like Kenya.


4. ‘Uhuru/Uhunye’
The character’s voice is a little bit husky and with the current position, more composed to suit the Presidency tone if you will. And one, Tom Mboyo who plays Uhuru Kenyatta on the show, gauges the uniqueness, facial expressions and the general traits that lead to the creation of this parody.



The name pronounces itself to any Kenyan and the satirical feeling sinks in one’s mind. How simple? You may ask. The fact is that this one voice is certainly the imagery Dennis Mutuku fancies, and he’s been doing it since high school- a little side note.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Willie Blair.



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