WWE star John Cena to star alongside Jackie Chan in Project X


John Cena has been cast alongside Jackie Chan in ‘Project X’.

The 41-year-old actor has replaced Sylvester Stallone – who was originally attached to the project – in the role, which will see him team up with the martial arts legend.

John has made the transition from the world of professional wrestling into the movie business over recent years.

And the American star previously revealed how the WWE influenced his move into acting.

He shared: “Originally my film career was a direction from upper management in WWE – like, ‘Hey, go do movies.’ Originally what I wanted my film career to be was an extension of the WWE business model. I understood.

“WWE studios opened in 2003/2004, they began to film movies, and the model of the business was, ‘If we can make our stars bigger stars, they will come to see WWE’. Well, that’s what I wanted, but I didn’t want to go do movies.”

John also admitted that movie-making is quite different from her experiences with the WWE.

He added: “The process of making a movie is so different. It takes a long time, it takes a lot of people, and there’s nobody cheering you on.”



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