Willy Paul’s Truth Finally Revealed


A  renowned performer and esteemed crooner, Willy Paul has featured on headlines not only for his musical talent but more often than not, it has been his persona that has brought scandal to his name.

In his latest track “Digiri” Willy Paul did not hold back on sharing some insight on the latest scandals that have become barbershop talk in Nairobi’s top spots. Despite the bad publicity, the catchy tune has seen the 24-year-old sail to the top of the charts, trending 9th on Youtube since its release online.



A master of public relations and harnessing the benefits of publicity to push his latest releases, this is not the first instance when Willy Paul aka Wilson Abubakar Radido has used media attention to thrust his music into the limelight. The track “Digiri” is not without a few jabs, including a quick response to prevailing talk on recent award snubs Willy Poze has withstold. Winner of the Groove Award for Musician of the Year 2014, Poze shared his side of the story on  recent showdowns with local award committees. With the line, “wacha nikushow kitu moja, hauhitaji awards kuingia heaven, wacha nikushow kitu moja, hauhitaji digiri kuingia heaven…” the Kasarani native reinforced popular beliefs that Paul felt slighted when questioned about the quality of his latest tracks by esteemed gospel awards committees.



The famed “Sitolia” songster, revealed the biggest challenges and shared his excitement for future projects. Composed and well spoken, Willy Paul provided carefully worded answers as retorts to the Hot 96 breakfast show hosts Jalas and Jeff Koinange. After recent antics, wiping sweat off with 1,000KES bills and throwing a wad of cash into a live audience during a live televised performance, many fans are disappointed with Willy Paul.


However, it seems that the young star is only misunderstood. A shy, more reserved, soft-spoken individual who made his appearance on the promotional press tour, is not the grand, over the top character fans may know as Willy Paul on stage. The jury may still be out about who is the true Willy Poze, it seems that he is as human as the fans he hopes to entertain.





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