Willy Paul Edges Out Bahati In 2017


The Gospel Music industry is very competitive. With friendly rivalry brewing between Willy Paul and Bahati, the fans get the best from both artists. In the year 2017, the two have released several songs including some spectacular collaborations. Willy Paul called in the big guns, featuring reggae starlet Alaine in track, while Bahati chooses to partner up with homegrown talent Check the list to see who wins the top spot, of the “Prince of Gospel 2017.”

5.Mercy Masika- Shule Yako

A creative video and an even more important message, Mercy Masika saw the track “Shule Yako” reach out to many. Masika’s unique voice continues to ensure her place as one of Gospel music’s biggest names, not to mention her poise and grace.  The track got 1.3M views on YouTube.

4.Bruz Newton- Zigwembe

One would think that the track “Bazokizo” would feature on this list, but alas it did not. With 2.4M views on YouTube, the track’s popularity was a selling ppoint on its performance online, for the track that was release a year ago. However, it seems that Bruz Newton was still going to make it big in 2017. The track “Zigwembe” garnered 1.4M views on YouTube for the break out star. With several tracks making it to various countdowns, it seems the future is bright for the new artist on the block.

3.Angela Bernard – Siteketie

A new name to many who are not familiar with Gospel music, Angela Bernard is known for her smooth, melodious voice and uplifting content. The young beauty has released several tracks within the course of 2017, including a mega collaboration with Mercy Masika. Her track “Siteketei”  garnered 1.7M views online.

2.Mercy Masika, Angela Bernard – Huyu Yesa

The two singers made a fine duo in the collaboration “Huyu Yesu.” There’s no doubt the two musicians do possess star power, when combined, their voices only get greater. The track garnered 2.2M views on YouTube.

1.Willy Paul- JigiJigi

Known for his flair for fashion, hype dance moves and controversial relationships Willy Paul seems to have beat out his nemesis Bahati, for the top spot of Prince of Gospel. Willy Paul is no stranger to thinking outside the box, and with a list of hits in 2017 including Pili Pili, Digiri and even the most talked-about collaboration with reggae star Alaine in the track “I Do” it is clear Willy did not come to play. His track JigiJigi garnered 2.8M views on YouTube.




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