Will you be his Valentine?

  1. Sponsored Shopping Spree

Shopping for him can be difficult and expensive. But on a student’s budget, shopping options are limited. Get your man a gift voucher in the store of choice that you’re sure he will enjoy. Whether he is a fashion addict or a lover of all things books, a voucher lets him get whatever he wants without having to pretend he liked the gift you got him.

  1. A Custom Treat

Getting something special for him is what Valentines is all about. Custom made treats like specialty donuts and cupcakes is perfect .With sweets for your sweetie, you can never go wrong.

  1. Get Active

If your better half is up for adventures, get active this Valentines. A bike ride or a  hike could get your heart pumping and  be the ideal prelude to  dinner under the stars.


  1. Wonder in the Woods

A picnic in the woods is a great way to get away from the Valentine madness that will overtake the city. Pack a simple basket and enjoy an afternoon of gazing into each others eyes while whispering sweet nothings. A forest worth a visit is not too far from the city is Karura which is always clean and quiet.

  1. Pampering Session

Valentines is always about the woman, this time flip the script . Arrange for a massage session, a treat he would never give himself and he will be thanking you well into Christmas.



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