Will Serena Williams continue to be vilified after Grand Slam loss?


Serena Williams lost out to Naomi Osaka, and all hell broke loose.

The match saw two black women fight it out for the Grand Slam title; a career-making win for Osaka. It seems things seemed to go south as soon as the umpire made a call that Serena received coaching; the call that was largely thought of as unfair and sexist, led Serena Williams into a black hole. Serena proceeded to call out the Umpire; which saw her penalized $17,000; however, it seems that her loss was not punishment enough. Her actions on the world stage have continued to conjure up feelings of hate towards her, an athlete who was once regarded as the “best in the world”.  Not only has Serena Williams become the target of public ridicule, but she has also been vilified for standing up for what she believes in.

In an era where having feminist views is encouraged; Serena’s actions have proved that it is, in fact, feminist views could be the gas lighter to a fire that cannot be quelled.



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