Who Will Replace Larry Madowo As The New Host of “The Trend”


Just off a hot streak of success where The Trend was awarded the SOMA award for Best TV Show 2017, the show’s host Larry Madowo announced his plans to leave the show.


On an episode of The Trend that aired on 23rd June 2017, the former business reporter shared the growth of his career and to the moment he began hosting the Friday night show. Known for recapping the world’s best and worst happenings, the show’s panel share their opinions on some of the week’s most controversial events.  According to Larry, the show’s model has been “copied” and he no longer wants to feed rivals with his ideas. He stated, “Kenyan television is an industry of monkey see, monkey do…am done giving people my ideas.” Hosting the show for 4 years now, Larry may have taken a jab at rival shows, throwing shade with his controversial comment.



Now diverting his focus to other projects, there are many speculating who could be the new host of the popular show. On speaking with Capital Campus, Larry declined to share his top picks for the next host of The Trend. Nonetheless, here are a few picks for the Friday night.

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