Who Will Be The Next Capital One?


Capital FM presents The Capital One.

The Capital One is a Capital FM talent search competition that seeks out a diamond in the rough and offers them a life changing opportunity. The Capital One is your chance to join the Capital FM family.

After a 5-year run on air on Hits Not Homework, Amina is looking for the next big thing . The show that has been a launching pad for various Kenyan personalities including TV show host Joey Muthengi, TV personality and actor Jimmy Gathu, actor as well as media personality Eve D’Souza. Amina  is now looking to pass on the mantle to two new hosts and you could be one of them.

When talking to Capital Campus, Amina Abdi recounted her time on the show with co-host Soulo. She had lots to say about the experiences she was blessed with, she said, ” the show has opened doors for me that I could never have imagined.” Capital FM Director Somoina Kimojino also shared her excitement for the talent search. She pointed out, “we are always in search for new talent hoping for an opening. Now, this Capital One search is an exciting one as it taps on to the millennial target that the show speaks to and who better to speak to them than one of their own. Hits not Homework has been one of our longest running youth show and it’s now open to two young talented individuals to show us they have what it takes to get on the mic. Looking forward to all the submissions.”

Launched on 4th September 2017, the competition is now accepting video submission here. The submission video should feature the applicants share the reasons why they should be the Capital One as well as a few minutes of hyping a topic of choice.  Shortlisting is set to occur later in September with finalists being selected there after.


Participant requirements:

Participants are required to be between the ages of 19-25.

A passion for music, entertainment, a great attitude and bouncing off the walls with energy.

No prior experience necessary.



To upload your submission click here.



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