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Wi-Fi: the new drug in campus (Infographic)


Not so long ago, if a campus or college had a wireless internet connection, that was enough to convince a student to enroll in that institution. The administration would market Wi-Fi as a unique selling point. “Our students can browse the internet at the comfort of their rooms or anywhere in campus,” the admin would proudly say.

Not anymore. Almost any institution worth its name has Wi-Fi, easily accessible to students. Thanks to various initiatives and partnerships, Uni students in Kenya have access to the internet. Some institutions like USIU and KU encourage students to use the Wi-Fi on their laptops to free-up other computer resources in the campus.

Its now more depressing to have an internet blackout than the elec going off. But at least our phones come in handy. A survey by the Wi-Fi Alliance and Wakefield Research found that an overwhelming majority of college students in the US—90 percent!—view Wi-Fi as essential to their educational success, on par with classrooms and computers. In fact, they’d rather abstain from beer than go without wireless access, and most wouldn’t even consider attending a college that didn’t offer free and fast Wi-Fi.
The College Student's Subsistence Diet
Courtesy of: Online Colleges

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