Why KU did not participate in the nationwide demonstration



As thousands of students poured into the streets of Nairobi and other major cities and towns across Kenya, Kenyatta University students were conspicuously absent from the protests. A letter signed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. John Okumu and addressed to the students a day before the strike might have calmed the nerves of students. Prof. Okumu assured KU students the university had not received any communication in regards to a planned increase of fees.

“To the best of our knowledge no Public University has received such communication. An increment in Public University fees cannot be affected without input from stakeholders,” stated the later dated 19th May.

There had been reports on social media that the second biggest public university was among those that have increased fees, causing anxiety amongst students and Okumu described such allegations as false and urged the students to ignore them. “Your are advised to disregard any other information or communication on this matter coming from social or other media not authorized by the university.”

Capital Campus got information that KU student leaders were under immense pressure from other student leaders to join in the demonstration but the administration prevailed on them not to join the demonstration. Apparently the National student leadership were not too happy with KUSA and there were several attempts to use other influential students in the university to drive their agenda.



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