All Hail Trump As The Next POTUS


The American election has been a long and hard road filled with debates, twitter rants and candid discussions on what makes a candidate presidential. As America went to the ballot today, electing the nation’s president was never been more marred in scandal and confusion as this presidential race. Anxious and tired over the arduous road to the White House both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have given everything on the campaign trail. Just like everyone else, as the duo waited for the final results in anticipation of a win that could change everything in American politics and culture, the results came as a shock to the Hillary Campaign team. Donald Trump has been declared President-Elect of the United States of America.


Voter suppression, extravagant rallies and  out of this world, promises are among the issues that have plagued the race to the White House. As the announcement for the highest seat in the land came in, many Americans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the results of the election.  Taking to their social media platforms, a range of emotions have been expressed and as many come to terms with the reality of a new leader, the future for many seems uncertain. This election was unique with many millennials contributing 31% of voters turning up to cast their vote.



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