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Who reigns in Bongo? Lady Jay Dee vs Diamond Platinumz


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Tanzanian sensational artistes Diamond Platnumz and Lady Jay Dee were among the 30 artists selected from all over Africa to collaborate in 50 songs at Coke Studio Africa, the biggest musical show in the continent. Other musicians making appearances on Coke Studio include, Salif Keita from Mali; King Sunny Ade, MI, Waje, Jimmy Jatt and Bez from Nigeria; Octopizzo, Miss Karun and Just a Band from Kenya; Hip Hop Pantsula, and Tumi from South Africa; BoddhiSatva from the Central African Republic; Joel Sebunjo, Qwela and Lillian Mbabazi from Uganda and The Culture Music Club from Zanzibar.

It’s amazing how new cut Diamond keeps doing well despite controversies and scandals making an almost permanent residency in his life. His most recent scandal being wearing irrelevant attire to a high profile wedding involving one of the P-square brothers. Lady jay Dee on the other hand has stood the test of time. Most of us have transitioned from teenagers to adults knowing Jay Dee. She’s still hot on the scene with her ever powerful vocals. She always stays away from controversy but sometimes shocks us with statements such as, ‘I can’t have babies, I think I’m bewitched.’ Stay calm Jay Dee, no one bewitched you.

So currently between Diamond and Lady Jay Dee, who rules Bongo?


Hit power and consistency

Diamond’s club bangers may be the reason a talented Kenyan artist somewhere is busy hunting for airplay. His songs just don’t go away; the type that ring over your head again and again. When it comes to hit power, this young lad knows exactly what to put out there. He’s relatively new in the game though and time will tell if he’ll still be relevant five years from now.

Lady Jay Dee on the other hand, may just be approaching legendary status. Her precious lulling voice always forces the mind and body to pause and listen. She has done this longer than Diamond. Despite many Tanzanian singers popping on to the scene and disappearing back to oblivion, she has stood her ground. She’s no doubt the queen of Bongo, but does she rule the Kingdom?


A few weeks ago, Diamond performed P Square’s Temptation alongside HHP at the Coke Studio. He nailed it. He is a true performer and he knows how to wow the ladies. Of course his Miguel-like antics help a lot. If he’s not winking at female fans, he’s taking his shirt off. The important fact is that he does take his job seriously. Artists who put in valuable effort in their stage performance should always be commended.

Lady Jay Dee is a true song bird. She’s the kind of artiste that people remember decades after decades. Deep adjustable vocals don’t come with every singer, some actually struggle to perform with live bands but Tanzanians will tell you that you are a fool if you miss a Lady Jay Dee show. It was a brilliant thing for Coke Studio to pick her. We’ll be hoping to see more renditions from her.

Be sure to watch Coke Studio Africa every Saturday on NTV and DSTV

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