What’s built on trends will not last!


Doesn’t it amaze you how people forget too fast? I am not sure they really do, just wondering.  It is said that history keeps repeating itself, and so the cry for change.

When Koffi Olomide released a new ‘mateke‘ dancing style  according to one local comedian(we know what he did), Kenyans on the social media ranted until he was deported. I was impressed that at last, women are protected, by their very own!  A few days later, a Kenyan woman lost her arms to her husband for an alleged  inability to give children to the family.  It seemed to me  that this matter was lightly taken, compared to the image portrayed when Koffi Olomide kicked her dancer. Where did the fighters for women rights go to all of a sudden?

We live in a world of trends that change with the ticking clock.  Trend after trend, hashtags and opinion polls are the order of the day. A lot is being said, suggestions and ideas given, but nothing is being implemented!

Until we are  result oriented and stop being carried away by the daily trends, we’ll achieve very little, from personal to national scales.

Having my nation (Kenya) in mind, for instance, the same old story keeps repeating itself.  People tend to  shift their focus from making things happen to talk about what should happen.

It is great, really great, to share our opinions. The big question, however, is, what next? Who follows up to see that change is being effected?

We have read of scandals, political murders, burning of schools, name them all, and more is yet to come.  Are we comfortable just following the trends and sharing our opinions, or do we hunger for solutions to these problems?

Are we happy being the trendsetters, or do we yearn after being the history makers that will help shape the nation?

One thing is sure, trends will come and go, giving way to the latest trends, but CHANGE will remain.

Waiting for the government to change the nation as we follow trends is no better than living in a dirty house and expecting someone from nowhere to come clean it up!

Hello, Kenya!  It is time to wake up. We are the change we want to see.  Enough of the talking, let us go for results now. Change is possible if  we make it happen. Let us not overlook what needs to be addressed. Let’s finish what we start.


Impossible is Nothing!














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