4 factors to consider when choosing a hostel


Moving away from home is exciting and brings with it a new chapter in one’s life. After the celebrations have died down and it comes a time to decide where to live, it is important to pick wisely. Here are a few factors to consider when picking out a hostel.

  1. Rent

Living alone requires one to budget. Keeping track of your expenses in respect to your monthly or weekly allowance is important. The higher the rent the more likely your budget is likely to suffer. Always try to live within your means. A clever way of subsidizing your budget is by having a roommate. A roomie allows you to split the rent in half leaving you with more money to cater for your other needs.


  1. Cleanliness

Many hostels are known for their untidy, dirty residents. If cleanliness is an issue for you, you may want to factor in the cleanliness of the environment that you will soon call home. There have been many horror stories shared on the monsters that wonder the corridors of resident halls late at night. Be wary and ensure you are not living with the bedbugs, cockroaches and rats so big they scare away cats.


  1. Distance from the college

There are many options when it comes to campus housing. You could live inside the campus or outside the gates of the institution. However, with early morning classes, heavy rain and the ever-blazing Kenyan sun, choosing the right hostel is paramount. Remember that your hostel is you refuge and should be accessible to you, rain or shine.


  1. Amenities

Water, electricity, internet connectivity can make or break your decision when deciding on campus accommodation. Too many times students complain of living in a hostel that has water once a week. To avoid becoming part of the statistic, ensure you consult current residents. Their insights are invaluable in ensuring that you will be happy with your stay in that hostel. It is always important to ask questions and gain as much information as possible. An informed decision is always a better decision.





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