What Mombasa dance teams should expect at Orange BYS

Voting in Mombasa is officially closed and the eight lucky teams await official announcement after an audit into the voting. When announced, these are the teams that will face each other at the regional finals on 31st July and battle to represent Mombasa at the final competition for the coveted cash Prize of 5 million and a chance to be in an International dance competition.
dance team
The teams should keep in mind that with each step, the challenge gets bigger and the competition stiffer. If they know what is good, they should realize that this is a step close to winning the prize and more hard work, dedication and commitment is needed to take them through it.For the teams that made the cut, we understand that it’s an achievement and worth celebrating but while you at it remember this is the time to start perfecting your moves for the regional competition.

As you saw in the Nairobi show, the judges are hard to impress and only great and unique dance moves will save you from being dropped. If you thought the game was over, you are very wrong because the ‘Orange Beat Ya Street’ just got started and you are lucky if you are in it!



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