What is SAT and How can you pass the test?


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Many colleges and universities in the US require students to take the SAT to be considered for admission. The goal of this presentation is to help students understand what the test is about and how to register for it in Kenya. Created by American Higher Education Consulting – Connecting Kenya To North American Education.



1. If you are in Year 12, take the test in June. Don’t wait until October because if you need to resit, it can get chaotic with your regular school schedule.
2. Do as many practice tests as you can. Use the same time allocated to you in the actual test, to get a “real” feeling. Learn to use the answer sheet.
3. Memorize the mathematics concepts and formulas in the math section.
4. Familiarize yourself with your calculator. The more you are comfortable with it, the less you will have to double check your answers.
5. Read books or articles that have an “argument” focus. That is making a case for or against a specific topic.
6. Brush up on your grammar for the sentence correction/improvement type of questions.
7. Increase your vocabulary. For example set a goal to learn 10 new words everyday a month before the test.
8. Familiarize yourself with the type of prompts you will find in the SAT essay section.
9. If you need a prep program, get one. A small investment in the program can open more opportunities to admission and scholarships.


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