What do you look for? Money vs. Looks


handsome man

It is said that a man’s ability to provide can make or break a relationship. It has become a common viewpoint held by women all over the world that dating is the time to test the waters.  However, the old adage always comes into question, money or looks?

If a man is financially stable, this solidifies his ability to care for his significant other. So, the lifestyle that many women seek, fast cars, a mansion and all the shoes they could ever want can actually become a reality and no longer a fantasy.  There are many stories of women who cling to a politician, or so called millionaire just for his money. The habit of reaping what you did not sow, is pathetic and only displays the level of greed one may have.

Money comes and goes just like one’s looks. So really, choosing between the two, looks and money is choosing the lesser of two evils. Many men are driven to make sure they are successful so as to ensure they can attract the right women. The money  they have may attract many women, but the fundamental question is, are they the right kind of women? It is essential that men learnt to decipher between the right and wrong women because eventually this will save loads of money and heartache.

On the other hand, a man’s looks have been said to steal a woman’s heart and keep a trail of women following a man as he does his weekly shopping.  The tall, dark and handsome combination can cause many to weaver on their chastity vows. But a man who has an Adonis’ physique but lacks ambition is nothing but trouble. Many mothers advise their daughters not to choose a handsome man, because most of the time, they lack ambition and think that they deserve to have the world handed to them. Their egos and superiority complex makes them lazy and highly unmotivated.

So when the sun sets and the chickens go to roost, making the decision between looks and money is difficult.  But why choose when you can have it all, looks and money. Food for thought, indeed.



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