What can I do With a degree in English? (Infographic)

Courtesy of: OnlineDegrees.com

A common question for recent graduates in English is “So, what are you going to do with that?”  It may be true that English majors do not have a clearly defined path laid out before them like pre-med, accounting, or engineering degree holders, but it’s a misconception that those who major in English don’t have career options.

Trained in communicating ideas through cogent written arguments, English majors are prepared to enter a variety of careers.  Any profession requiring the articulation of thought, nuanced responses, and any degree of research can be ideal for English degree holders.  The traditional paths of education, publishing, and writing, as well as other non-traditional paths of media and politics are seeking the well-rounded and versatile thinkers found among graduates with English degrees.

The traditional path of teaching can be a great option for many English majors including positions at community colleges or universities. While many fields may require certifications or training in addition to the bachelor’s degree in English for further advancement, there are still plenty of non-traditional career paths for bachelor’s degree holders.  Learn more about the various industries and positions available, as well as notable people who have pursued English in their studies in the infographic below.

Courtesy of: OnlineDegrees.com

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