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What are Kenyan students Googling?


Google has released the Zeitgeist list for the top searches in 2012, revealing an interesting insight into what Kenyan’s are interested in. The most searched words according to Google in Kenya are IEBC, Facebook, Whitney Houston, Tubidy, Euro 2012, Daily Post, GHRIS, ICC, Njenga Karume and Miguna Miguna in that order.

Though Google did not release a category showing search by age, The Zeitgeist includes top trending people in Kenya, TV shows, how to, what is, and top image searches – a pointer to what Kenyans were interested in 2012.

From the list, we have tried to extrapolate (read: guess) what Kenyan students were Googling.

1. Facebook

2. Tubidy

3. Shuga

4. KulaHappy

5. Robin van Persie

6. How to abort (top in the ‘how to..’ category. How to study came in fifth in the same category)

7. Eva Luna (Topped Kenya’s trending TV shows)

8. BBA Stargame

9. Statistics

10. Euro 2012

11. David Rudisha

12. Microfinance

13. Whitney Houston

14. Consumerism

15. Psychology (Infographic: What can you do with a Psychology degree?)

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