The Weeknd debuts new haircut


Known for his matted dreadlocks, The Weeknd let is trademark look go opting for a more conventional tapered cut.Promoting his new music on Twitter, the Canadian rapper debuted his new haircut that garnered mixed reactions from his fans.

The Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter has had success with some of his songs hitting the charts with songs like “Can’t feel my face” and “The Hills” and many more. Ethiopian native even had one of his hit song “Earned It” as a sound track to the popular movie “50 Shades Of Grey”  in 2015 as well as The Devil May Cry int he movie  “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Many anticipate his new music will find success with his growing following.

Coming out with new music, The Weeknd cut off his locks and is now rocking a tapered cut. He is also said to be out with a new collaboration with athletic wear brand Puma. In the video out now “Starboy” features musical heavyweights Daft Punk. The sound is not too different from The Weeknd’s previous records but takes the audience on a different plane with the collaboration with Daft Punk. The jury is still out on the new haircut and how it affects how the audience perceives The Weeknd.

Is The Weeknd more than the pineapple haircut?  Is the new cut symbolic of the artist’s musical growth? Only time will tell.



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