Water Crisis at the University Nairobi



Students queuing for dirty water Behind Hall 10

Life at the University of Nairobi has taken a turn for the worst. Life has been unbearable in the halls of residence. The halls have not had a sufficient supply of water for a week now, and this has seen many students suffer. The worst affected hostels are the ones on State house road.

The water shortage means that everything has to remain dirty. Toilets have been stinking, taps rotting, hostels smelly and students not showering. Everything has been halted

There is only one tap that functions in the morning and has dirty water. Long queues of students have been observed waiting for a drop of the dirty water. It is not clear when the situation will be restored but an official at the University of Nairobi noted that “we acknowledge that we don’t have sufficient water in the halls of residence but we hope to calm the situation in the shortest time possible.”


Photo: Students queuing for dirty water at Hall 10

Speaking to capital campus, students expressed their disappointment and promised to take action if the situation is not restored. Kamau, a fourth year Bachelor of Arts student in Hall 10 said that “life is more difficult without water than without HELB. We will take action”. There was no comment from Nairobi water by the time this article was published.



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