WATCH: WambuAfrikan Debuts A Dope Afro-soul Christmas Carol


Enoque Wambua aka WambuAfrikan is a talented singer/songwriter and the former lead singer of Lots of Love the band. Having just released new music and a video to boot and on the cusp of a rejuvenated career and sound, we saw it fit to sit down with him and discuss why he went solo and a why he chose to introduce his solo act with a Christmas carol.
CC: So why did you go solo?
EW:“I felt like it was time for me to go it alone. The band was not fulfilling my individual creativity as I had to conform and sacrifice my ideas for the group’s preferences.”

CC: So are you just dropping a single and disappearing or do you have a full project on the way?
EW:“No! I’m working on plenty of singles and a full album, so I have a lot of things going on and there is plenty more to expect from me.”

CC: What made you decide to tackle a classic Christmas carol as one of your first releases?
EW: “Well I feel like the song has a deeper message behind it than we may originally see. There’s a lot of noise around us, and everyone is speaking at the same time. So the song is basically saying that we need to take some time to shut up and listen to what is going on, and from there we can even figure out what to do.”

CC: What was the creative process behind this single?
EW: “I’m working with a producer, Modest Bundi, and I shared the idea with him and we just arranged it and it worked!”

CC: We also noticed the simplicity of the music video? Was this due to budgetary constraints since you’re just starting out?
EW: “No. This was intentional. The lighting was subtle and the setting casual because I felt like to keep with the message of the song it would be important to keep things simple. From the lyrics to the instrumentation and into the video the theme was decidedly simple. I was really looking for a homely acoustic vibe.”

Here’s the link to his new song, Silent Night.




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