WATCH: Usher Gets All Caught Up In Carpool Karaoke With James Corden


Currently embattled in legal woes for allegedly giving several women the sexually transmitted disease Herpes, “Let It Burn” crooner Usher made an appearance on the popular Late, Late Show segment Carpool Karaoke, with TV host James Corden.

Dallas born and raised, Usher Raymond went on a car ride with Brit star, singing along to some of his most popular tracks. Kicking off the car ride with the track “Yeah” featuring Lil John and Ludacris, it was clear this episode was going to be hype.

The duo also discussed Usher’s experience in showbiz as well as developing a brand. 4-time Grammy award winner shared some tips with Corden on how to make an entrance in the club. It was clear that James Corden lacks swagger, in fact, he might need some additional tutorials. Despite the current legal matters facing the “Caught Up” star may be facing, it seems that the parking lot dance party was time well spent.




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