WATCH: Uhuru’s 6-Year-Old Guest Seats On Presidential Seat


In a recent video making its rounds on the internet, a young, enthusiastic admirer of President Uhuru Kenyatta, finally had the chance to meet the Commander in Chief.

The 6-year-old Omar Mohamed, who attends kindergarten in Mombasa, got friendly with Kenya’s 4th president at his residence in Nyali. Telling jokes and making plans for another visit the duo seemed like the best of friends. The youngin who stepped into the limelight after a video went viral of him singing “UhuRuto tano tena…” is known to be outspoken and always ready to provide candid political commentary on the current political situation.  The lucky boy ended his tour with a visit to the Presidential office, where he sat on Honorable Kenyatta’s presidential seat.

Watch the video to see two in action.



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