WATCH: Trevor Noah puts French Ambassador in his place


Trevor Noah host of the Emmy-nominated The Daily Show with Trevor Noah made some standout remarks about the recent World Cup that may have landed him in hot water with the French Ambassador to America.

The French team, made a significant win, securing the FIFA World Trophy after 10 years. The talented team which was made up of mostly African immigrants became the subject of internet chatter, as many joked that Africa and not France won the 2018 FIFA World Cup. For the sake of comedy, Trevor went on to comment on an  illustration that was making the rounds online. Sadly for the funny-man, this did not sit well with French officials.

The comedian received a stern letter that he read out on air, that accused him of ignoring the French team’s nationality. The argument that ensued saw Noah, a South Africa highlight the complexities of identity as an immigrant. Let’s just say the Ambassador did not see it coming.

Check out Trevor Noah’s concise and well-worded response below.



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