WATCH: Sadly, Eric Omondi’s recent stunt may cost him everything


Eric Omondi a popular Kenyan comedian makes headlines again.

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He seems to have lost his marbles, with a recent video that captures him swimming nude in with young boys. Heard encouraging the children to keep swimming, Omondi seems to be having the time of his life, bare-assed relishing the cool waters.

However, following the release of the video, Omondi is now is very hot water as the Kenyan public demand action to be taken on the young comedic genius.  According to a post on Twitter, the Consumer Federation of Kenya were outraged at the release of the video saying “he crossed the red line and that he ought to be arrested and subjected to a medical test.”

Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of Kenya Film Classification Board also shared his two cents on the matter, only fanning the flames that could soon consume Eric Omondi’s career. In a tweet, Mutua did not hesitate to express his displeasure with Omondi’s recent content considerations.

Capital Campus tried to reach out to Eric Omondi to gain perspective on his intentions for the video, however, he declined to pick up. Nonetheless, the video that captured a scene that seems to have come straight out of “The God’s Must Be Crazy” was an epic comedic fail of Omondi. Though the video has been taken down from his Instagram account, the move may just might be the undoing of one of Kenya’s most successful comedians.

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Getting his comedic start on the Churchill Show, Omondi had honed his craft impersonating various key figures. Known as an ambassador for various products including Bonfire Adventures, Startimes and a host of others, it seems he may not get much support from key brands after this stunt.



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