WATCH: One Direction’s tribute to fans is epic and very emotional


One Direction

After a great run in the limelight the band has managed to accrue several awards including nineteen Teen Choice Awards, five Brit Awards as well as eleven MTV Europe Music Awards.

The band is known to bring back the era of the boy bands using social media to their advantage reaching out to fans and making their music accessible to all. The group gained loads of fans and now has a devout fan club just as any successful boy band would. The band has been known to make girls giggle and cry from excitement and this new single released yesterday is true to form.

The song “History” is the final hurrah to the band’s career (as they take an indefinite hiatus) and is especially dedicated to the fans. As the song goes “You and me got a whole lot of history” it’s a recap of the special moments shared by the band mates, fans and behind the scenes clips. The song captures their experience and the video is not without a few heartfelt moments shared by the band and the fans. As the song dropped online, fans could not help but share their thoughts.

One fan wrote on Youtube “you guys need to stay and make some more history!”

It’s the perfect look back, one direction into history.



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