WATCH: Lauryn Hill’s remake of Drake’s “Nice For What” is thrilling


Grammy winner Lauryn Hill is back.

Once living a life away from the cameras, her immense talent was hidden away as she was busy raising her family. Now with a new resolve to reclaim her career, “Ex-factor” crooner stepped onstage to remake the track “Nice For What” a recent release from Toronto native Drake.

In a room full of fans at the Apollo Theatre, Lauryn Hill had lots to see about the popular track. According to Vulture, she was eager to make her talent clear. She said,  “See this is ‘Ex-Factor’/He took the sample/My shit is classic/Here’s an example,” she sang, in place of Drake’s regular chorus. “Stop acting like you didn’t grow up singing my songs,” Hill rapped. “I swooped down on the bitch like I had wings on my arms.”The track that samples heavily from Hill’s original piece “Ex-Factor”  is a beautiful clash of genres that is a reminder of the lasting power of great music.



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