WATCH: Klepto’s Rawbar Releases The Worst Song of 2017


Once a member of one of Kenya’s best rap groups, Robert Manyasa aka Roba was at the top of the Kenyan music industry. After the break-up of the super rap group, Roba changed his name to Rawbar and soughtto find his voice outside of the famed group. With Nyashinski topping the charts with “Mungu Pekee” and even his latest release “Hayawani”, and Collo making his mark as an urban gospel rapper, it seems Rawbar has been left behind.

Now years after his last appearance on stage, Rawbar is on a mission to get back into the music industry. Unfortunately, it seems his approach is all wrong. With an early release of the track “Lucky Me” featuring Mr. Lenny in January 2017, he has followed it up with the track “Tempo.” The video shot in the United States features Big Dippa and brings back the forgotten Boomba sound reminiscent of the early 2000s. Though the beats may bring back fond memories of times gone past, the whole production is a true let-down from Rawbar.

The track released on December 7th 2017 presents a low-budget production, poor sound engineering and a lackluster video concept. Rawbar is unable to keep up with the tempo of the track, with lyrics lacking in originality and a video that fails to showcase the Kenyan culture. This is a far cry from the excellence Kenyans were accustomed to from the Kleptomaniax group members who once received a nomination for an MTV European Music Awards nomination for the Best African Act in 2005. It could be said that he is just getting his footing in an industry that has evolved, however, this might be falling too low for Roba aka Rawbar.

This track may truly be the worst song of 2017. What do you think?



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