WATCH: Haunting video of Shavey, was he let down by the industry?


Shavey, one of Kenya’s premier Dancehall artists passed away in the wee hours of the morning after an unfortunate accident. According to reports that surfaced on Twitter, he succumbed to his injuries after being run over by a matatu. The dancehall legend was known to have received great acclaim at the peak of his career fell for the track “Gyal” a collaboration with fellow artist Slice.

From topping the charts in Jamaica, Shavey fell from grace becoming a matatu conductor serving the Kayole route. In an interview with Ghafla in 2014, a visibly intoxicated Shavey found himself in hot water after he was caught breaking into a butchery in a residential area in Kayole. In the interview, he explained what lead to his demise, apart from addressing his substance abuse, he also blamed Ulopa Ngoma for mismanagement. Sadly, it seems that the “Bayuda” was never to rise to fame again.

As fans mourn the demise of the talented Shavey, it is a reminder that Kenya’s best talent is often left to fend for themselves without proper management and guidance. Shavey, may not be the only talent that has gone to waste. In need of help, after the airing of the interview Shavey like many fallen stars was given a slap on the wrist. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate how we secure and care for our best talent.



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