WATCH: Inspiring Graduation Speech at Havard Graduate Business School.


Donovan Livingston is a 2016 Graduate of the Harvard Education School. Selected to be the  Convocation speech for the class of 2016, he decided to make an impact with his speech. Typically, the speech a graduation speech  takes on an encouraging tone, challenging the new graduates to take on the world.

Donovan’s recitation was no typical speech. Recounting his experience as a young African-American student and his pursuit of education, his speech;  turned spoken word performance touched a chord on major societal ills.

He did not shy away from society’s biggest lapses mentioning on the social injustice, inequality in the education system, the implementation of the law and so forth. He concluded that education could be the one thing to open up doors for many, the escape route out of poverty and the growth of the economy. The deep, well performed speech stirred up emotions among those who watched Livingstone perform it live. If the performance is anything to go by, knowledge is power and there is need for many more to access  the liberty that comes with education. As Donovan rightly put it “The sky is not the limit, it is just the beginning. ”

Watch the inspiring speech by Donovan Livingstone to the graduating class of Havard Education School 2016.



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