WATCH: Chance Calls Out Chicago Mayor In City Council Meeting


Grammy award winner Chance The Rapper is still fighting for social change in Chicago.

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The 24-year-old rapper waited in line from 8 am in the morning to attend a City Council meeting. The function that was attended by Chicago’s top lawmakers was held to discuss the city’s plans to develop a new police and fire brigade training academy worth $95M.  Known for his work in Chicago, Chance did not shy away from telling the mayor Rahm Emanuel that the budget would be better spent in Chicago’s failing education sector. He spoke in the public comment section of the meeting, receiving support from activists who were also in attendance. However, it seems his words fell on deaf ears as the council still pushed through to confirm that plans for the training academy will go on as planned.


The meeting on the 8th of November was soon followed by Chance tweeting he would not back away from the issue. Donating thousands of dollars himself as well as his continued work with organizations such as Social Works, Chance seems determined to have the children of Chicago live a better life.



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