WATCH: Some of the best pranks to watch out for this April Fool’s Day


A few years back, my classmate got a call and she was distraught for the rest of the morning. The caller was apparently stuck in a hospital where she had just had an emergency minor surgery. She needed a quick loan of about 5,000 and she couldn’t ask her parents for the cash since it was an early pregnancy termination. We couldn’t function at that time trying to figure out how to raise the cash as well as hoping she was okay. Then at 12.05pm she calls again and says that she got us…

I am normally wary on April fool’s day. I have a reminder set and anything that is said to me for the first part of the day is normally discarded or regarded lightly. However, not everyone is as alert and many fall for the minor pranks and some are victims of jokes that are taken too far. Some of the memorable pranks I have heard over the years include:


1.) Quitting school:

One of your friends comes to you with the realization that they have been pursuing the wrong course and they have decided to take time out of school to evaluate their choices and possibly take a different path altogether. You rack your brain trying to be supportive and not judgmental as well as trying to convince them that they should not be irrational though they should find what fulfills them. Then when you meet later in the day or in the week, they can’t even recall what you are talking about and you have spent your time researching on options they can take.

2.) The breakup:

This is one of the jokes that is often taken too far and may not end well but for people with a wicked sense of humor, it works. However, the execution and the revelation of this prank should be carefully done so that the relationship is left standing.

3.) I am pregnant:

Picture this, the girlfriend reveals that she is pregnant and was afraid of telling the truth as he feared they would break up. The ending is that the couple broke up as this was more than a prank but thinking back, it is a hilarious scenario.

4.) The best friends fight:

You wake up and find notifications or a trillion messages of the best clique you know being over. There are videos and photos of the massive fight and the catty memes are just hilarious. You can’t pick sides and the awkwardness is too much that you start planning of how to avoid them in totality. Then at some point, they are together and if you were spiteful, you can only hide in shame when you realize you were fooled and you are just one of those malicious fake friends.

Hopefully, this April fools won’t find you unprepared and no one will go too far in pranking you and as you execute your jokes be creative but not cruel.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Maureen Njoki.



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