WATCH: 3 reasons why Steph Curry is the new legend of basketball


It is Steph Curry’s 30th birthday.

And of course we had to provide 3 reasons why Steph Curry is a legend. Turning 30 today, this Golden State Warrior pointguard has always been a great player. Although Curry may be on the bench after sustaining an ankle injury recently, Curry continues to impress with his fast footwork and shooting skills that have him making baskets from the half court.

3.Steph Curry is all about teamwork

The 30-year-old is not afraid to share the shine with his teammates. Playing in different teams, Curry forms strong bonds with teammates, cultivating a brotherhood.


2.Steph Curry stays dedicated

Playing in the league for 9 years now, Steph Curry never misses a chance to put his best foot forward in a game. And it shows, as he even puts himself in harms way just to make a basket.

1.Steph Curry has magic hands

Curry carries his humor to the court, leaving fans and opponents entertained.



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