Want to be a Chef? (Infographic)


With several TV networks dedicated to the art of cooking, channel surf any time of the day or night, and you’re bound to find programs featuring celebrity chefs creating dishes. Are you the one who keeps switching channels, or do you stop, even for a moment, to see what’s cooking and who’s cooking it?

Those who are interested in a career preparing food in a professional environment have a few different options. Food preparation workers commonly learn “on the job.”

Some executive Chefs earn up to Sh1 million per month in Kenya but the average Chef in a 3 star hotel earns between Sh150,000 – 350,000 p.m. Utalii College has a long history of producing quality professionals in the hotel and hospitality industry. Other culinary colleges include Top Chefs Culinary Institute and Unity College.

How to become a chef
Courtesy of: Schools.com



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