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The Grammy nominations are out and one of the hotly contested categories is the Best Rap Album of the year. The nominees include Iggy Azelea, Eminem, the legend that is Common, newcomer Childish Gambino and Schoolboy Q.


Iggy Azelea’s “The New Classic”

Iggy Azalea


The album is nominated for the best rap album. She is the only female nominated in this category with her rival Nicki Minaj nominated in Best Rap song. This Australian-born former model burst into the scene this year and has constantly churned out hits this year making her definitely someone to watch.


Childish Gambino, “Because The Internet”

childish gambino

The 31-year-old, actor, director and producer is clearly a talented individual with a long resume of accomplishments. He is well known for his role in the popular show Community. Childish Gambino is a breath of fresh air, putting his very different spin on Hip Hop. He continues to rise in popularity with his song 3005 which is a straight hit.


Common, “Nobody’s Smiling”


Common is a lyricist with a great message that transcends time. His style is strong and well thought out. In 2011, Common launched Think Common Entertainment, his own record label. His album is an essential for any die-hard hip hop fan, for this music maker his work is not simply validated with the Grammy nomination.


Eminem “The Marshall   Mathers LP2”



Eminem is well known for his controversial lyrics that in some way give the world a doorway into Eminem’s twisted world. The album dropped in November 2013 and is the 8th studio album with songs such as Rap God and Monster making the album a great contender to win the Grammy.

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SchoolBoy Q “Oxymoron”

School boy

SchoolBoy Q is a new artist and has instantly gained respect with Hip Hop aficionados. The rapper is from Los Angeles.  He references 50 cent as a major influence and Nas as his all time favorite rapper.


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