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Viral video showing baby snatching eagle was a hoax

Animation students at the Centre NAD in Montreal who put together a viral video of an eagle snatching a baby that turned out to be a hoax.

In December last year, the webosphere was awed by a video that showed a seven-metre Golden Eagle snatching a toddler in a park in Canada. The video went viral within a few days, fooling millions of people across the globe. But it turns out it was a fake video or rather an animation project by students at the Montreal animation school.


The third year students admitted both the eagle and the child were created in 3D animation and integrated into the real shooting of the video.


The four students created the video as part of the simulation workshop class they were taking. They had brain-stormed with each other about making a video with wide appeal.


The students had struck a deal with their teacher that if the video got 100,000 views, the tutor would give them 100 percent on the project. It got 5 million views in four days.



If you are thinking, ‘now that’s a cool class I would want to attend!’, here are a few other courses taught in real universities, according to Mashable.com


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