Video: The Sonkonization of Kenya – PLO speech at St Paul University,


PLO Lumumba st paul

Sonkonization Def: The process of acquisition of material wealth by means that are unknown and unfathomable. Once acquired, it is distributed with abject abandon in order to entice the people who only desire is to acquire wealth by whatever means. (PLO Lumumba)

PLO says this culture has permeated in Kenya and Africa and adds that it is very difficult to earn an honest living.

The Prof of Law, in his characteristic eloquence, says the youth have historically been the agents of change in society. He challenges the audience at St. Paul University (and the youth) to take charge and change the narrative of Africa.

In this powerful, thought-provoking speech, PLO Lumumba addresses the perennial issue of what ails Africa and the role of the youth in transforming the Kenya and the continent.

PLO gives examples of at least 25 founding African fathers (by name) to illustrate how they fought for the liberation of Africa and progression of their countries, at a relatively young age.

PLO, who was the SONU Chair between 1984 -1985, castigated current student leaders for spending millions on campaigns.

“When I campaigned as a student leader I did not spend a single cent…what I am saying is that there is an ethic that is perverted that controls our country and our people.”

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