VIDEO: The making of a Sci-Fi movie in Kenya


USONI film

USONI is a sci-fi story that dares to break the norms. It is set in the year 2062, where the whole of Europe is crumbling because of natural disasters and Africa is the cradle of hope. It focuses on a group of survivors who have managed to escape and are on their way to Lampedusa and thereafter Africa. The question is, what kind of obstacles will they encounter and most importantly, how will Africa look in 2062?

It promises a lot of action and drama and it will set the pace for other film lovers to come out of their shells and produce films that are not only inspiring but entertaining. The kind of stories that will change the way the world looks at us. Stories like Nairobi Half-Life. I can only hope that you are ready for a change.

Pulling off a successful film takes a lot of work and long hours. You will need funding, equipment, enthusiastic cast and crew but most importantly, a fantastic story to work with.

Now I know most of you would prefer to sit back with your hot Yawn-Rolls and Air-burgers while you watch the rest of the world do their thing. I won’t lie, sometimes I do the same. To relax at the end of a stressful week and muse over how Empire season 1 ended, watch Stalker noting down how you might actually have stalkerish tendencies, but while we do this, WHO WILL TELL OUR STORIES?

How great would it be if we had our own Gotham like series to look forward to when our your favorite series is on break?

‘It may not have the acceptance of many, but the few who understand what film is and the lengths that people go to achieve what they need to achieve in film, it’s great’  ~ Mutana Gakuru- Line Producer

By Brenda Kwena

Camera: Paul Wambugu



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