Video: Lupita visits home and finally learns how to cook Ugali


Actress Lupita Nyong’o finally stepped up to the plate, or should we say Sufuria, and made her first Ugali. Ever. Lupita had admitted in an earlier interview that she didn’t know how to make Kenya’s staple food, causing an uproar from Kenyans online.

“I have never been happy that I didn’t know how to make Ugali. When I admitted that I didn’t know how to make Ugali on national television, the reaction SHAMED me more than I was already ashamed,” Lupita told Vogue Magazine, as her mum showed her the basics of making Ugali at their home in Kisumu.


Lupita, who is in Kisumu for a Vogue cover shoot, later eats the Ugali with some Sukuma Wiki and fish with the mom Dorothy and dad, Kisumu Senator Prof. Anyang Nyong’o.




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