VIDEO: Caroline Mutuko Speaks On Feminism And Complacency


In a recently published session of TEDxLavington Women, critically acclaimed radio personality turned public persona Caroline Mutuko hit the stage at popular series TEDx to give a talk on a prevailing phenomenon of feminism. Recorded right before the 2017 American election, Mutuko shares why feminism is as important as it can be in this era.

Starting from the highest office on the global sphere, former President Barack Obama shared he is a feminist sparking many more men to adopt the popular label. Now with more men taking on the tag, women find themselves justifying their actions including their steady rise to the world’s top boardrooms with the popularised theme of feminism. With more women being empowered and seeking leadership oppurtunities, the best of them seem to be happy to get by, hanging onto the coattails of feminist agenda. With very few trully blaizing a trail and seeking to travel the unbeaten path, it seems more only seem to “lean in” as encouraged by Facebook CEO, Sherly Sandberg. According to Caroline Mutuko, leaning in is not enough, one must “step up…make it good, make it right, not becuse you can but because it’s a time” to achieve their full potential.




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