Video: Boniface Mwangi to Duke Uni students ‘US, not Africa, needs a savior’

Boniface Mwangi
Boniface Mwangi, founder PAWA254/file

Boniface Mwangi was invited to speak to students of Duke University in North Carolina, USA on an international volunteerism program.

He challenges the students to be active in seeking solutions in their country before they can go abroad.

“There are so many issues in your backyard which you can address without traveling all the way to India,” Mwangi tells one student.

The activist says America has its own problems which need Americans to solve.

“We need people who live in Africa to tell their own stories. Why do you need someone who has just been to Africa for two weeks to tell you what is happening?” Mwangi asks.

In this documentary, by Cassandra Herrman, Mwangi says America is not as rosy and beautiful as people think.

“If you want to come and help me, first ask me what I want… Then we can work together. Africa doesn’t need a savior; America needs a savior.”



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