VIDEO ALERT : Kid Cudi Is Surfin’ On His Own Waves


31st of October, Kid Cudi released his new single Surfin’ featuring Pharell Williams.

The combination of the two prolific new age icons in Hip Hop known to make unique music, made for the perfect track. With the recent public fallout with Drake, 32-year-old Kid Cudi  seems to be making new waves. Taking back his seat as one of Hip Hop’s  best. In his colourful career so far, Cudi has been signed to Kanye West’s label GOOD Music, later released Man on the Moon in 2008 that was certified gold and even made sales of 5.2 M digital records. 8 years later, the man cited as an inspiration for many musicians to follow, he is now releasing something new in his characteristic Cudi style.

Surfin’ is a song whose title and lyrical meanings come up as cryptic. According to public reactions, the song title and lyrics have double meaning alluding to the artist’s time in rehab and time dealing with his mental health issues. In the song, he is quoted saying, “I ain’t riding no waves, am too busy making my own waves…” The positive song signals the comeback of Cudi and with it, a new moustache. Twitter reactions were varied with a majority of them in favor of the new Cudi release.

The feel good vibe of the song is perfectly complimented by the self-directed video filled with the who’s who in the world of Hip Hop including Jayden Smith, Travis Scott and ASAP Rocky. The beat is reminiscent of a stepping songs popular in African-American slave history. With the blaring of the trumpet, bass quitar and quick, heavy beat the song provides a sense of jubilee. It’s definitely a happy song, setting a precedent for the new album Satellite Flight.



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