VIDEO: 5 Animation Shows That Offer Great Adult Content


Now more than ever, there is a shift in content that gives audiences lots to choose from. There are several cartoon shows that are written with adult content. This list shares the top 4 shows that anyone over 18 would enjoy.

1.Adventure Time With Finn And Jake

Based on the main character Finn and a dog who happens to be his adoptive brother and best friend Jake as they live in a post-apocalyptic world, in the land of Ooo. The show is a little bit weird with complicated plotlines. For anyone who enjoys themes based on an alternate universe, this would be a great way to spend an afternoon.


2. Archer

An animated spy sitcom, Archer is funny and carries through themes of sex, alcoholism, integrity, professionalism and the realities of adulting. Starring Sterling Archer, the “ultimate spy” and his co-workers who work a spy agency ISIS. The show is as entertaining as it can get, with lots of punchlines that punctuate the action-packed show. The show is now in its eighth season, which was released in April 2017.

3. Boondocks

The American hit show is centered off two brothers, Riley and Huey who live with their grandfather, a former civil rights activist Robert Jebediah Freeman. The show hints on social injustices, racisms, cultural stereotypes, the life in Black American. First airing in 2005, the last show was aired in 2014.

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4.Cow & Chicken

First hitting the screens in 1997, Cow & Chicken is a mainstay on the Cartoon Network. The show that gives insight on the life of a family with a cow and chicken for children, the show is full of hidden jokes, that are better understood by adults. As the duo go into high school and handle peer pressure, family dynamics and the challenges of adolescence, the show captures it all. It is definately worth watching.

5. Dexter’s Lab

The top pick for any science-loving kid, Dexter’s Laboratory had many glued to their televisions on a Saturday morning. Centered on Dexter and his love for science, the show is entertaining and hilarious. With a few hidden dirty jokes here and there, watching it as an adult will reveal a different side to the childhood favorite.





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