VIDEO: 3 shows that will put you in the mood to “Netflix and chill”


With the rain pouring and the sun hidden away, this might be the perfect weather to enjoy some time indoors with some great shows. Whether you are by yourself or have company here are 3 shows that are guaranteed to keep you entertained while indoors.

3.Everything Sucks

Set in the 90s, this show is a depiction of life in high school for a group of three awkward boys eager to fit in. The show has a unique take on dating, love, relationships and what most think was the glorious 90s. If you are a 90s baby, this show is sure to hit a sweet spot for you.

2.Friends from High School

The show is a celebration of life after college. Highlighting regrets, forgotten memories and a lot of “what-ifs”, the show follows 6 college students who went to Harvard University and have remained friends ever since. Watching the friendship dynamics play out is different portrayal of what adulting looks like, years after graduation.

1.Seven Seconds

This is a chilling drama on a life taken too soon. A young black teen was knocked down by a policeman, and the police department goes to all lengths necessary to cover up the murder. The show chronicles the family face life after the death of their child while seeking justice for their fallen child. This show is gripping and is guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat.



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