VIDEO: 1970s comic “Black Lightning” chronicles life in the hood


The new show “Black Lightning” aired its first episode yesterday 16th January on the CW network.

The show which focuses on the life of a local teacher and retired superhero is an action-packed series filled with relatable situations and real-life issues. The show centers around Cress Williams who plays the character, Jefferson Pierce, in this DC Comics live action series. The family man Jefferson Pierce, returns to take on the role of hero after the local gang terrorizes the community.

The storyline is the classic superhero prototype hoping to keep his family safe and secure the community. The 1970s comic comes to life in the new show produced by Mara Brock Akil, Salim Akil, Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter. The new series airs just about a month from the much-anticipated superhero blockbuster “Black Panther.” It seems there are a few new superheroes in town and they bring with them diversity and a true depiction of real life.



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