VicMass LuoDollar samples Miguna Miguna in new release “This Is Kenya”


VicMass LuoDollar is back.

Sampling Childish Gambino’s track “This Is America,” VicMass LuoDollar takes on tribalism, inequality, and the hypocrisy that has taken root in Kenya. In his outro, he explains that “I am talking about everything that we are facing as a country. I am stepping up the campaign against police brutality, corruption, and tribalism. I am talking about unity.”

Starting off the track with controversial politician Miguna Miguna’s lines as he resisted deportation the phrase “I am not boarding,” sets the tone for the track. Bank Otuch crooner VicMass did well to capture the audience attention with this vox pop. However, it seems to go downhill from there as it is evidently clear that it is difficult to merge the “This Is America” baseline with the classic sounds of the nyatiti and piano in the background. Moreover, his lyrics are repetitive and seem out of sync with the beat, laid over a disjointed baseline.

Nonetheless, LuoDollar’s attempt is a notable endeavor. However, it is difficult to ignore that the track follows the same format of “This Is Nigeria” by Falz.



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