Vic Mass Luo Dollar Releases Public Plea For Peace


Popular venacular artist Vic Mass Luo Dollar has recently released the track “Peace Please.” The track that is a collaboration with Ayenzamsee, which sees the “Bank Otuch” star cry out for peace. Once a street hawker and now Kisumu’s finest, Vic Mass shares his hopes and dreams for the nation he calls home.

The emotional track that calls for peace within the nation is splurred with images of the nation’s past post election violence, that evokes emotion even from the best of us. It is truly a reminder that the nation is greater than the agendas of one individual. Vic who came from humble beginnings shared in a prior interveiw with Capital Campus that his story of rags to riches has not been an easy one. 10 years¬† ago, he found himself caught up in the post-election violence. Vic Mass also known as Ochieng’ Victor Odenye has since become a voice for the people he lived with in the slum of Kibera. With the area known as a hotspot for violence by some of the world’s biggest media, Vic Mass seems more focused on ensuring peace remains.

As the nation awaits the release of the results of the presidential candidate, tensions run high as the two main candidates Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta wait with baited breath to see who will occupy the seat of the president. The song by Luo Dollar, is aptly timed and could be just what Kenya’s people need to hear.



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