V.C Warns Freshers Of Team Mafisi


As another semester begins and the freshmen roll onto campus anticipating the joys of life as a campus student, many have been reminded not to be naive. In a routine welcome address to the new comrades at the beginning of the semester, the Vice Chancellor Prof. M.F.Mbithi saw it fit to give the new students afew words of wisdom on life in the university.


Speaking frankly, Prof. Mbithi did not mince his words highlighting the need to make the right decisons while persuing their higher education. According to an article on the university site, the VC said “Ultimately, the choices you pick will make or break you. Choose today which masters you want to serve.”


The public address previously known to be a welcoming speech to the new addition to the student population at the university, seemily went to be quite the reality check for many students. Consequently, many students took to social media to share the highlights of the address as well as their opinions on the oration. In a Instagram post on local tabloid magazine Mpasho,  indicated that many students agreed with Prof. Mbithi’s statement.


UoN Vice Chancellor Warns First Years To Stay Away From Thirsty Male Students By David Kingsley @just_kings1 on Instagram and Twitter A tweet which was posted by University of Nairobi (UoN) Vice Chancellor Prof. Peter Mbithi caused quite a buzz on the social networking platform. In his tweet, the VC asked female students who had just reported to the learning institution to avoid engaging in risky sexual behaviour. Prof Mbithi said the first-year students should be careful since the senior male counterparts may want to take advantage of them. He further warned the students to enjoy their freedom responsibly adding that anyone who breaks the law will be handed over to the police. #PeterMbithi #UniversityOfNairobi #MpashoNews

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For the full welcome speech by Prof. Mbithi click here.



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